Tertiary Institutions

How can you provide your students with direct access to this innovative and dynamic industry, that is at the core of construction in Australia?

How can you position yourself and your respective academic institution as key stakeholders in the future of sustainable construction in Australia?

National Precast is committing the resources of the Association and its membership to providing Australian universities with direct pathways for students and faculties to connect with the precast industry and its people. To this end, the Association is making many of its resources and services available to Australian tertiary institutions at a heavily subsidised rate.

Tertiary Institution Partner 

By partnering with the Association and becoming a National Precast Tertiary Institution Partner, you are helping to support and recognise the vital role that universities, their faculties, and students play in the future of the Australian construction industry.
By partnering with the Association you will receive:

  • Unlimited 12-month Professional Associate Individual membership packages to provide to your faculty’s academic staff and students (each valued at $300). These memberships would be administered and updated by you* and include:
    – subscriptions to National Precast’s electronic newsletters. Distributed to all members, the newsletters serve as a curated guide to what those in the industry need to read.
    – subscriptions to a selection of third-party construction industry publications including Built Offsite, Construction Engineering Australia, BuildIT, Inside Construction, and many more.
  • A 12-month digital read-only licence for the Association’s full suite of reference guides and publications, able to be shared with your faculty’s academic staff and students (each one valued at $1,200). This read-only access would be controlled by you*.
  • The ability to be considered to receive an annual award for your precast-related research projects – projects that make outstanding progress in the field of precast concrete. This award provides the winner with: – a $5000 cash scholarship, – the opportunity to have their research published in related industry journals/publications, and – an invitation to attend and present their research to the precast industry’s leaders and decision-makers at one of the Association’s national meetings.
  • The ability for one of your academic staff and one student to attend at no cost, National Precast’s national meetings, and the ability to register (and pay) for attendance at local and national social events.
  • National Precast will author and distribute editorial material promoting the school and its related programs and courses, through its network of industry-specific publications.
  • National Precast can provide expert speakers on a range of precast-related topics or facilitate factory visits, to provide your students with real-life exposure to common practices and projects.
  • Your students can access work experience opportunities with National Precast member companies, including precast factories and suppliers.
  • 5 physical copies of the “Industry’s bible” – The Precast Concrete Handbook – will be donated to your library. All Partners receive replacement copies every time a new version/revision of the book is released.
  • You will be the first to be contacted if any of our members require research into a precast-related topic.
    *speak to your NP rep more about this area of the relationship.

Let us serve as your connection to the precast industry and beyond, as you and your students immerse yourselves in one of the oldest forms of prefab. More than any other construction material, precast concrete offers the construction industry its best opportunity for sustainable growth and productivity improvement.
Membership costs $10,000* and delivers well in excess of $70,000 of value.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to position your institution as a leader in the Australian construction industry. Provide your students with real-world resources, contacts, and opportunities. Let’s work together to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Tertiary Institution Member

If you are looking to play a more passive role but would still like to stay connected to what is happening in the industry then this option is for you. The Association will:

  • Keep you informed via its newsletters and industry publications,
  • Receive member’s discounts when you purchase any of the Association’s publication or attend its events.
  • Membership of this category is free!


Tertiary Institution Member – $0.00 (No Fee)