National Precast is a non-profit organisation run for the sole purpose of benefiting its members.

Brent Hardy – Duggans
Precaster member

“The Association provides me with the opportunity to improve my knowledge, network, access resources and materials and friendship and fun.”

Chris Brooks – Ancon Building Products
Industry Supplier member

“Industry Supplier membership is definitely a very cost effective
tool that supports our marketing strategy – we get targeted
exposure through multiple channels and direct feedback from
the key people in our industry.”

Peter Healy – Hollow Core Concrete
Precaster member
“The Association has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on a range of industry issues. I would highly recommend membership to any company within the precast industry, whether they are manufacturers or suppliers.”

Jeff Stratford – ramsetreid
Industry Partner
“We didn’t think twice about strengthening our partnership with National Precast.  We have been a long-time supporter of the association and the great work it has done to grow the profile and usage of precast concrete.  Partnering, supporting and growing with National Precast has enabled us to tailor our solutions to meet the ever increasing and changing needs of the industry, ensuring ramsetreid continues to be a supplier of choice.”

John Hovey – MJB Industries
Precaster Member
“Joining National Precast has been a great benefit to MJB Industries. Our industry knowledge has been greatly enhanced and membership has provided us with access to publications, factory tours and the ability to have an input into the industry codes and standards.”

Gary Chalmers – ERICO
Industry Supplier member
“Membership has allowed us to better
understand and stay abreast of the issues that affect the precast
industry, which has in turn helped us to develop and market
products that the industry is looking for.”

Matt Perrella – Delta Corporation
Precaster Member
“The exchange of ideas and general assistance from other members has been of great benefit to myself and the Delta Corporation.”

Michael Waeger – Waeger Precast
Precaster Member
“At first, membership of an association seemed like an overkill, as we considered ourselves too small to benefit or contribute. However after attending my first meeting I was surprised by just how valuable it truly was, other Members had similar issues and were like minded people from compatible industries. The ‘input’ and ‘take away’ material is invaluable. The various industry groups are raising the standards through open discussions and representations on industry bodies like Standards Australia.”