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Why Use a Master Precaster?

Carrying out proper due diligence is extremely resource-intensive. The process of auditing a precast manufacturer should be complex and detailed, calling for checks that the business is sound and that the required processes and procedures are not only in place, but are actually being implemented on a daily basis.

Whilst any old precaster’s price might be ‘right’ and they may have a similar level of experience, are you confident you have done your due diligence to mitigate the risks? Here are some that you might not have thought of:

  • A precaster might be ISO certified but they may not implement procedures on a day-to-day basis, and the ISO audit may not have been conducted by someone who intimately knows precast;
  • A precaster may have little repeat business and disputes may be commonplace;
  • The precaster may cut corners during manufacture;
  • Shop drawings may be inadequate or not properly authorised;
  • Hold points may not address the most important stages during manufacture;
  • A precaster may not have a thorough understanding of – and may not comply with – Australian Standards, codes and legislative requirements;
  • Testing may not be adequate.


The benefits of using a Master Precaster
Master Precasters are the country’s most skilled and experienced precast manufacturers. They follow the National Precast Master Precaster Code of Conduct and they have met National Precast’s strict audit requirements.

  • They have a strong track record with happy repeat clients.
  • They are financially stable and hold the right insurances.
  • They implement stringent quality, safety and environmental procedures.
  • They provide a safe working environment for their workers.
  • They consistently produce high quality precast.
  • They take pride in their work and remedy any defects.
  • They employ long term, skilled workers.
  • They understand and comply with Standards, codes and legislation.
  • They know about and embrace new technology and practices.
  • They have good working relationships with their subcontractors, such as transportation and erection contractors.
  • They look after the natural environment.
  • They are good corporate citizens and they are invested in their industry.


Master Precasters supply every Australian state and territory. They can specialise in specific precast elements supplying the civil, building, and landscaping sectors, or they can manufacture across a range of precast elements.