Why Use a Member?

Are you comparing apples with apples?

Choosing the right precast manufacturer to supply your next project is an important decision.

You want to make sure they have the experience, capacity, knowledge, skills and facilities to supply the precast elements you are after, at the quality you’re expecting.

So many questions… so little time

There are so many questions you need to be asking…

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Is your precast:

  • Manufactured from approved shop drawings?
  • Using approved materials?
  • Checked before delivery?
  • Delivered with the right concrete strength for handling?
  • Using an approved lifting system?
  • Delivered with a certificate of compliance?
  • The right surface finish?
  • The right colour?
  • Within tolerance?
  • Protected from handling damage during transport?
  • Installed safely?
  • Provided with a warranty?

Does your precaster:

  • Know the latest in new products and manufacturing
  • techniques?
  • Know the latest Codes and Standards?
  • Use a formal WHS system?
  • Have third party quality accreditation?
  • Have a good history?
  • Show financial stability?
  • Have the right facilities for the products you’re buying?
  • Batch their own concrete?
  • Make their own moulds?
  • Do their own shop drawings?
  • Have in house engineers?
  • Have a formal environmental policy?
  • Erect their own precast?
  • Understand risk?
  • Train their employees?
  • Understand commercial contracts?
  • Prepare a detailed offer for your work?

Do you have the time to get all the answers? Take the risk out of precast – use a National Precast Member!

Our members are the best in the industry, if they weren’t we wouldn’t have them!