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Enhance Your Industry Connections with National Precast Membership!

Already connected with precasters but eager for more? Want to deepen your industry ties and maximize your opportunities?

Membership Benefits:

  • Build Strong Relationships: Connect with top precast manufacturers and suppliers, boosting your links with the sector.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain entry to a vast library of past and upcoming webinars.
  • Conference Opportunities: Register for major conferences.
  • Influence Industry Standards: Nominate for standards and other committees.
  • Stay Informed: Receive the latest industry news.
  • Shape the Future: Actively contribute to the industry’s growth and evolution.

Join us and take your industry connections to the next level!

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What we do for you

  • Network
  • Learn
  • Publications
  • Information
  • Represent & influence


Network at our bi-annual National Conferences

These are held twice a year in different States, and typically include a full day conference and networking dinner. The event that is held later in the year also includes a welcome reception and trade exhibition, as well as a factory or site visit. The Conferences are a fantastic way to learn, exchange information and build relationships with precasters and suppliers.

Learn AND present- Legal Q&A and TechTalk Webinars

Join our vibrant community by participating in our live webinars and accessing a wealth of past sessions through our Members’ Portal. Not only can you learn from industry leaders, but you also have the exciting opportunity to share your own expertise by presenting a webinar yourself.

Publications – at member rates

50% discount on the PDF version and 25% discount on the hard copies of the Precast Concrete Handbook and all other National Precast publications. Check them out here.

Information – Newsletters & subscriptions

You will receive regular member-only electronic newsletters to stay informed with the latest industry issues. Our WHS newsletters help members to keep abreast of and comply with the latest Workplace Health & Safety developments, while Legal & Commercial newsletters update you with contractual and business matters and Representation & Advocacy newsletters fill you in on progress with Standards. We also provide you with free subscriptions to a variety of national publications including BuildIT, Roads & Infrastructure Australia, Inside Construction, Build Australia, Cranes & Lifting, Roads & Civil Australia and Construction Engineering Australia.

Promoting your expertise – editorials & member logo

As a valued Professional Individual member, we invite you to share your insights and experiences with the precast and broader construction industry.

Submit editorial content on topics of interest or highlight interesting and challenging precast projects you’ve worked on. We’ll enhance your content to reflect our partnership and feature it in our regular columns within top industry publications. This will ensure your insights reach a broader audience and highlight the collaboration between our organisations.

You’ll also be able to proudly display your National Precast Professional Associate Individual Member logo on your own website, promotional materials, and stationery to showcase your affiliation and enhance your credibility.

Represent and influence

We all thrive if the precast industry thrives! Get involved in our advocacy efforts as we champion industry interests on Standards committees, with roads and safety authorities, and in various other forums.

You can make a difference by nominating yourself to represent the industry on a Standards committee, leading an educational webinar for our members, or contributing to the development of new resources and guidance materials.

Additionally, as a Professional Associate Individual member, you now have the exciting opportunity to nominate for a position on the National Precast Board, allowing you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our industry.

Please note that all membership applicants must comply with National Precast’s codes of conducts and policies, which are available on request and downloadable from the Members’ Portal once applications are approved.

Applicants must also comply with common and statutory rights and obligations, and requirements that are prescribed in relevant legislation, regulations or industrial instruments, or in relevant ethical and professional codes.


Professional Associate Individual Member – $275pa (ex GST)

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