If you supply products or services to precast manufacturers, then you need to be a part of National Precast—the peak body of the only Australian construction materials’ industry that is enjoying market-share growth.

“With a reformed membership structure and new services for precasters, the membership value proposition is better than it’s ever been and now is an exciting time to join. While our precaster members account for the majority of all precast produced in Australia, we communicate not just with members, but precasters who aren’t yet members as well. That opens up a world of opportunity,” 

Sarah Bachmann, CEO

As a supplier member, chances are you’ll grow strong relationships with other members and learn about new business opportunities at our national members’ events. We also welcome presentations at these events to educate members or raise awareness about your products and services. Two dinners and meetings are held every year in rotating locations. And from 2019, non-member precasters will be invited to attend.

You’ll feature on our website and be able to use our member logo. You will also receive regular information about the industry to ensure you stay up to date. You can access our legal service and receive project reports that give information about 200+ new precast projects each month. Plus, you’ll receive access to tailorable forecasting data. And if you’d like to take on a leadership role, then you can nominate to represent the industry nationally on a variety of standards and other committees, or at meetings with government and other authorities.

Invest and become a key part of a dynamic industry and its Association. Let’s work together to develop and grow the industry!

Want to know what we’ve been doing over the last 12 months and why you should be a National Precast member? Click here.


Industry Supplier and Industry Partner

If you are a supplier of products or services to the precast concrete industry, you can apply for either Industry Supplier or Industry Partner membership.