Connect with precaster manufacturers.

Promote your business and products.

Ensure your employees are up to date.

Get new sales leads.

Get new leads for work.

Influence the Standards and codes that affect your business.

If you supply products or services to precast manufacturers, then you need to be a part of National Precast—the peak body of the only Australian construction materials’ industry that is enjoying market-share growth.

“With a reformed membership structure and new services for precasters, the membership value proposition is better than it’s ever been and now is an exciting time to join. While our precaster members account for the majority of all precast produced in Australia, we communicate not just with members, but precasters who aren’t yet members as well. That opens up a world of opportunity. Invest and become a key part of a dynamic industry and its Association. Let’s work together to develop and grow the industry!” 

Sarah Bachmann, CEO

Membership options

State Industry Supplier – $1,500pa (ex GST) NEW! Details to come…. (but contact us if you’re interested)

Are you a supplier to the precast manufacturing industry and operate only in one State? This is a new category of membership that allows you to be involved with the national body for the precast industry in your State. You’ll be able to register as many people as you like for events in your State and connect with local precast manufacturers and their people.  As well, we will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the industry. You’ll be listed on our website and proudly wear the National Precast State Industry Supplier member badge! And become involved with the advocacy work we do at a State level, with the likes of State government departments like Main Roads and WorkCover authorities.

National Industry Supplier – $6,000pa (ex GST)

If you’re a company supplying the precast industry in more than one State or even nationally, then become an National Industry Supplier member. You’ll be able to register as many people as you like for events in any State and connect your local reps with local precast manufacturers and their people.  With regular emails and magazine subscriptions we will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the industry. You’ll be listed on our website and proudly wear the National Precast National Industry Supplier member badge! You’ll be able to access tailored forecasting data to help you plan work demand around the country. And if it’s change you’re interested in, then nominate your people to represent the precast industry with the advocacy work we do at a national or State level, with the likes of Standards Australia committees, State government departments like Main Roads and WorkCover authorities.

Industry Partner – $15,000pa (ex GST)

Every member has different needs when they join National Precast, so for Partners, we’re happy to tailor our services to suit your needs. Whether it be exposure to the National Precast Board by attending Board lunches, personal introductions to our members, industry surveys, collaborating with us to develop new services or help with contacts, let us help you to get your products and services out there.

If you want to:

  1. Position yourself as the leading national supplier of your particular products or services to the precast concrete manufacturing industry;
  2. Be the only Industry Partner member in your category of supply;
  3. Use our influence and reach in your marketing strategy; and
  4. Collaborate with us at a higher level…

then please consider applying for Industry Partner membership.

See below for full details or click the buttons to apply now.

We get you and your products out there via:

  • Presentations at National Precast Members’ Meetings
  • The National Precast website
  • Industry conferences, exhibitions & workshops
  • Social media

Meetings, site visits, factory tours, newsletters, free subscriptions to Roads & Civil Australia and Construction Engineering Australia magazines and our many other resources provide you with an understanding of:

  • Who’s who in the precast industry
  • Who’s doing what
  • Who needs what
  • Business and industry trends
  • Changes to Standards and codes
  • Opportunities for new business

Lift your profile by offering expert support. Get your message out there to the industry via:

  • Presenting at quarterly national Members’ Meetings
  • Presenting at industry conferences, exhibitions & workshops
  • Giving advice at industry exhibitions
  • Contributing to National Precast member, industry & specifier newsletters
  • Contributing to new National Precast publications

Grow your business through:

  • New sales leads from Precaster members
  • Referrals to architects, engineers and builders
  • Be part of our exhibition stands and talk to architects, egineers and builders
  • Using National Precast member logo to get the recongnition you business deserves

Our Events let you:

  • Make industry contacts
  • See your customers & potential customers in one place
  • Form genuine friendship with precaster members
  • Get help with sales and leads
  • Learn from industry leaders

Improve and drive our industry by working with others to influence:

  • Standards committees
  • WorkCover authorities
  • Safe Work Australia
  • Roads authorities
  • Allied industry & professional associations

National Precast has been the peak body for the Australian precast concrete industry since 1990. We are the industry’s recognised voice… comprising members both large and small, in all product categories and across all states. We are an energetic group of individuals, passionate about precast, working vigorously to continue the remarkable growth of precast and represent its interests.

Would you like to be talking regularly with the leaders of the precast industry… in the one place, in a neutral, convivial environment? Would you like the opportunity to showcase your products to them, without having to travel to see every one of them and without the hard sell? That’s what a National Precast membership gives you.

A National Precast membership is your gateway to the precast concrete industry. Become part of National Precast and allow us to introduce you to our members. Let us help you to really get to know the major players in the industry. Learn about what they are doing and what they need from you, to help them do it. We provide you access to a wealth of information, experience, support and networking opportunities. To make contacts, develop meaningful relationships and grow your business.

How to apply…

Applying for membership involves completing and returning an Application form (together with $500 which goes towards your first year’s fee).

Download Supplier Application pack

On receipt, we will complete a certification process for your business and your application will then be considered for approval by the Board of Directors.

For any further information please call our CEO Sarah Bachmann on (08) 8294 0833, or email