Hollowcore Prestressed Flooring

Hollowcore planks (hollowcore floor units are referred to as planks, panels or slabs) are made via slip-forming or extrusion. Hollowcore derives its name from the empty internal cores that run the entire plank length, thereby reducing their weight. Hollowcore floor planks are precast, prestressed elements with the reinforcing placed around the cores. Planks are normally 1200 mm wide. A thin topping of reinforced concrete is often placed on-site to produce composite units and a level floor surface, but the planks can also be used with grouted joints only.


  • High load capacity
  • A sustainable solution
    •  Significant sustainability advantages through de-materialisation
    •  Thermal mass benefit not available with other light weight flooring options
  • Reduction in formwork and propping
  • Faster construction time
    •  Quick installation by highly skilled crews
    •  Immediate access below for following trades
    •  Less weather dependent
  • Simplified and safer construction process
    •  Less trades on site
    •  Less exposure to WHS and industrial relations risks
    •  Less waste
    •  Less materials handling
  • Superior structural outcome
    •  Longer spans (up to 17m)
    •  Thinner structural depth
    •  Reduction in building weight offers savings in vertical structure and in foundations
  • Services can pass through hollow cores
  • Cores can be used for energy efficient air-conditioning
  • Quality product
    •  Off-site manufacture means high quality
  • Durable
    •  High strength, factory produced, long life prestressed concrete offers the ultimate outcome with minimal maintenance
  • Fire, thermal and acoustic advantages
  • High quality surface finishes.


  • Commercial offices including high rise
  • Hotels
  • Retail and bulky goods
  • Industrial – warehouses and factories
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Airports
  • Carparks
  • Special structures (marine, stadia, rail platforms, etc.)
  • Education
  • Correctional facilities
  • Health and aged care
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Clubs, libraries, churches and community centres
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