Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Glass reinforced concrete (GRC) cladding panels are manufactured using glass reinforced concrete, a cement based composite material with alkali-resistant fibres that are randomly dispersed throughout the product. Because the fibres add flexural, tensile and impact strength, the result is a strong yet lightweight architectural material.


  • Thin cross sections can be achieved
  • High impact strength
  • Design flexibility – ability to form complex shapes
  • Improved surface detail and quality of finish
  • Non combustible
  • Quality product
    • Off-site manufacture means high quality
  • Faster construction times
    • Quick installation by highly skilled crews
    • Less weather dependent
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Reduced weight means lower transport and erection costs
  • Simpler and safer construction
    • Less trades on site
    • Less exposure to WHS and industrial relations risks
    • Less waste
    • Less materials handling
  • Durable
    • High strength, long life and requires no maintenance.


  • Commercial offices including high rise
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Monuments and sculptures
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Airports
  • Education
  • Stadia
  • Health and aged care
  • Noise walls
  • Clubs, libraries, churches and community centres
  • Art
  • Cinemas and theatres.

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