Why use a National Precast Member?

Choosing the right precast manufacturer to supply your next project is an important decision.

You want to make sure they have the experience, capacity, knowledge, skills and facilities to supply the precast elements you are after, at the quality you’re expecting. There are so many questions you need to be asking…

Do you have the time to get all the answers? Take the risk out of precast – use a National Precast Member!

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How do I get a quote from your members?

To send your project to our Precaster Members please use the Tender Service feature, found on the Home Page or under the tools tab. Complete the form and we will send it out to our Precaster members database so they can contact you and arrange a quotation.

Do I have to be a member to attend an event?
Member events can be attended by non-members by invitation only. Please contact us if you would like to know more.
How do I register for an event?

Click here to to view a list of upcoming or past Events.  Select the Event you wish to attend then simply follow the prompts.  Once logged in you will see any special pricing available to your member category.

Or, if you’d prefer

Email at and we will be able to register for you.

Information to include in your email:

  • Everyone’s name that you are signing up.
  • The company name of everyone attending.
  • Which events each person is attending.
How can I get an answer to my technical question?

If you have a technical question about precast concrete, please go to our technical questions page here and complete the form.

Where can I purchase precast related publications?

We do not handle the sale of our publications in-house, SAI Global manage this on our behalf. You can view all of our available publications here. To purchase a copy of a particular one, simply follow the link on each individual publications page to be taken to the corresponding SAI Global page. Once there follow the instructions provided by SAI Global.


What are the different membership classifications?

Below is a list of membership categories offered by National Precast.

Master Precaster member: precast concrete manufacturers with 5+ years industry experience which has also successfully passed the Master Precaster Membership audit.

Precaster member: precast concrete manufacturers with 2+ years industry experience.

Provisional Precaster member: precast concrete manufacturers with less than 2 years industry experience.

Affiliate Precaster member: precast concrete manufacturers that are trialling membership.

Overseas Precaster member: precast concrete manufacturers which are located abroad.

Industry Supplier member: suppliers of goods and services to the precast concrete industry (both state and national are available).

Industry Partner member: suppliers of goods and services to the precast concrete industry that wish to position themselves as an industry leader. Partners nominate a line of product or service and enjoy exclusivity as a Partner in that particular line.

Professional Associate member: organisations and individuals  who supply professional services to the precast concrete industry, or individuals who are studying a precast-related discipline (eg construction, engineering, architecture).

Association member: professional or industry associations that are allied to the precast industry.

Tertiary members: Faculties of universities and other academic institutions that wish to develop a relationship with the precast industry.

Government members: Government bodies that wish to develop a relationship with the precast industry

Read more about each membership type here.

Do you offer a free access trial?

If you’d like to take a peek at what we have to offer, sign up for a Free Subscriber account and gain access to a range of Private content not available to the general public.

Free Subscribers also have to option to receive the National Precast newsletter which is a must for anyone involved with precast. You’ll learn about exciting new case studies, videos, industry events and news and exclusive offers and discounts

Can I pay in installments?

If you would like to pay your membership fees in quarterly or monthly instalments, it is possibly for amounts over $1000. Please contact Julie at to organise.

When does my membership expire?

National Precast Membership runs from 1 July to 30 June annually.

How can I have my username and/or password sent to me?

On the login screen, click the “Forgot your password?” option, enter your email address and submit the form. An email will be sent to you with a one-time link enabling you to login and change your password.

What is the process for resignations?

For members who are looking to resign their membership with National Precast, we will need official confirmation of resignation in writing. Fee’s will be payable up until official confirmation has been received.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, we first suggest you read through the different membership types to decide which is the best suited to you or your business.

Once you have found your membership type, you can download an application form from the apply for membership section of our site and follow the instructions.

If you would like more information on any of the membership types or the application process, please contact Sarah on (08) 8294 0833 or

What is Provisional Precaster membership?

We know that you will love the experiences and benefits that come from being a Precaster member. But we also understand that it can be difficult to fully appreciate the real benefits until you experience the first hand.

If you are interested but not yet sure about applying for Precaster membership, we invite you to apply for a Provisional Precaster membership, to let you see what full Precaster membership can do for your business.

Provisional Precaster membership offers many of the benefits of Precaster membership, for a substantially reduced fee.

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