Our Members

Members of National Precast span the entire building and construction industry, and include precast manufacturers, product and service suppliers, builders, architects, engineers, solicitors, accountants and allied organisations.


Precast manufacturers located in Australia can apply to join National Precast as either Provisional Precaster or as full Precaster members. Whilst Provisional Precasters might have been in the business for less than two years or simply wanting to experience what a limited range of Precaster membership services can offer, both Provisional and full Precaster members have passed our strict membership criteria. Full Precaster members are regarded as leaders in the industry with a proven track record, having manufactured precast for many of the country’s most iconic and significant structures.

Find out more about Provisional or Precaster membership here, or view a list of Provisional Precaster members here and of Precaster members here.

Overseas precasters who wish to stay abreast of Australian precast industry developments can also apply for membership.

Find out more about Overseas Precaster membership here, or view a list of Overseas Precaster members here.

Industry Partners

Industry Partner membership is our premium supplier membership for companies which supply products or services to the precast industry and have chosen to align with National Precast to help grow their business. As well as all the benefits of Industry Supplier membership, Industry Partners are awarded exclusivity for their selected product category (within this category of membership) and can tailor a package of deliverables to suit their marketing goals.

Find out more about Industry Partner membership here, or view our Industry Partners here.

Industry Suppliers

Industry Supplier membership is our base level of supplier membership for companies which supply products and services to the precast industry.  Members include suppliers of steel, stain, pigments, chemicals, componentry, and more.

Find out more about Industry Supplier membership here, or view our Industry Supplier members here.

Professional Associate Members

Professional Associate Members are accepted as either Organisation memberships or Individual memberships. Students may also join as individual members. Professional Associate members include firms or individuals that supply professional services to the construction industry and might include firms of architects, builders, engineers, lawyers or accountants, or individuals who work for one of these firms, or students who are studying architecture, construction, engineering or drafting.

Find out more about Professional Associate membership here, or view our Professional Associate members here.

Associations, Government and Tertiary Institutions

A number of allied industry and professional associations – both here and abroad, as well as government organisations and leading tertiary institutions, are members of National Precast.

Find out more about Association membership here, Government membership here or Tertiary membership here, or view our members here.