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What we do for you

  • Provide you with networking opportunities via registering to attend our bi-annual National Conferences.
  • Keep you up to date with industry issues via regular electronic newsletters.
  • Allow you to promote your organisation as an Association Member of National Precast.
  • List and promote your organisation on the National Precast website.
  • Share your information and offer event sponsorship opportunities.



Attend Bi-annual National Conferences

These are held twice a year in different States, and typically include a full day conference and networking dinner. The event that is held later in the year also includes a welcome reception and trade exhibition, as well as a factory or site visit. The Conferences are a fantastic way to learn, exchange information and form strong relationships with others in the industry.  Get up close with precasters and suppliers from around the country as you learn about new innovations and the latest technical, commercial, HR and safety issues facing the industry.

Keep informed

Read about the latest industry issues and stay up to date with what National Precast is doing, as well as standards changes, upcoming events and details of our members’ projects. You’ll receive our  ‘From the CEO’, ‘Marketing & Communications’, ‘Meetings & Events’, ‘Representation & Advocacy’ and ‘Education & Publications’ newsletters that you can also forward to your members. If your members wish to access webinars at no cost, receive pertinent precast industry newsletters – such as ‘WHS’, ‘Innovation & Technology’, ‘Legal & Commercial’, Tenders, Cordell Project Reports – plus access other member benefits, they can consider joining in their own right.


Demonstrate your collaborative relationship with the precast industry by promoting yourself as a National Precast Member on your website, promotional material and stationery.


Similarly, your organisation will be promoted on the National Precast website, with a link to your own website.

Share information and sponsor

You have the opportunity to connect to the precast industry by providing us material for our member newsletters and event sponsorship opportunities.

Please note that all membership applicants must comply with National Precast’s codes of conducts and policies, which are available on request and downloadable from the Members’ Portal once applications are approved.

Applicants must also comply with common and statutory rights and obligations, and requirements that are prescribed in relevant legislation, regulations or industrial instruments, or in relevant ethical and professional codes.


Association Member – $2,000pa (ex GST)

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