Understanding Grouted Precast Joints – Section 2.4 Grouted methods commentary



National Precasts’ Understanding Grouted Precast Joints – A guide for engineers and building contractors is having impact and has been taken as a quality and much needed document within the industry. It has come to our attention that a part of the guide is being used further than its intention and we would like to address the issue in the following commentary you can download here.

In summary:

The essential messages from the Guide are that engineers should carefully consider joint design and processes, and that both builders and engineers must ensure that on-site practises are consistent with the design.

Section 2.4 Grouting methods outlines commonly specified grouting methods for flat joints and ship-lapped joints. These methods are not exclusive nor exhaustive. The most appropriate method of grouting must be specified by the engineer for each joint, and the contractor should construct joints in accordance with the design.