R-Value Calculator

National Precast and Adjunct Professor Terry Williamson from The University of Adelaide, have developed a range of R-value Calculators for precast.Calculators have been created for precast sandwich panels, single layer panels and precast flooring and make calculating R-values Simple. Choose from a number of variables such as concrete thickness, insulation, climate zone, building class, and the Calculator will provide the total R-value of the wall or flooring system. A printable certificate shows the system results and can be used as documentary evidence of compliance with the Building Code of Australia (2012) Elemental Deemed-to-Satisfy requirements.

What is special about the Sandwich Panel R-value Calculator is that it for the first time ever you can calculate a Mass-Enhanced R-value for a sandwich panel wall. The methodology for this calculation is described in The Mass-Enhanced R-value of Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels – an Industry Standard. This document, authored by Prof. Williamson, allows the high thermal mass benefit (and associated reductions in energy load) of precast concrete to now be recognised as being an Alternative Solution means of achieving BCA compliance.

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