If you manufacture precast concrete, then you need to be a part of National Precast—the only peak body for the Australian precast industry. Download a membership brochure here.

“With a reformed membership structure and new services for precasters, the membership value proposition is better than it’s ever been and now is an exciting time to join. Meet with other precasters at member events, access precast standards, get 500-plus new precast projects delivered to your inbox every month, influence government authorities, have case studies written for you and published in national industry magazines, get legal advice, regular newsletters and a myriad of other services, make the membership decision a no-brainer. Think of us as an extension to your business… we are here to help.”             Sarah Bachmann, CEO

Why join National Precast? Because as a member, you’ll:

• Win Work – Cordell project leads and Find-a-Master-Precaster referrals for Master Precasters.
• Promote yourself and be promoted – Case studies plus external exposure for Master Precasters.
• Have your say – on standards and codes plus direct representation to authorities for Master Precasters.
• Access help and information – Standards, legal, commercial, technical, WHS and HR.
• Connect – get to know other members, see their factories, plus access the internship program.


• Buying just 3 Australian Standards could cost you $1,200.
Membership gives you 24/7 access to 50+ Standards.
• Getting just 1 case study written could cost you at least $1,000, and around $3,000 to get it published.
Membership gets you up to 5 – both written AND published.
• Engaging an advisor to help you with strategy or process improvements and prepare a report with practical recommendations, could cost you at least $4000.
Membership includes these services.
• On your own, it’s difficult to influence government authorities, codes and Standards.
Membership gives you that ability.
• Securing just one referred tender or Cordell project lead can cover your entire membership fee.

Which type of membership is for me?

Master Precaster – you must have been manufacturing precast for 5+ years AND pass a Master Precaster Membership Audit;
This is the highest and most prestigious membership category for precasters.
Precaster – you must have been manufacturing precast for 2+ years;
Provisional Precaster – you must have been manufacturing precast for less than 2 years. A 2-year maximum membership term applies after which you’ll apply to become a Precaster; or
Affiliate Precaster – a basic membership for any precast manufacturer, with limited benefits.

Overseas Precaster membership

If you are a manufacturer of factory-made precast concrete products, from any country other than Australia, you can apply for Overseas Precaster membership. Note that if you are supplying, or wish to supply products to the Australian market, you will need to apply for Master Precaster, Precaster, Provisional Precaster or Affiliate membership.