Join our precast community and let our team be an extension of yours.

Why join?


1. NETWORK – bi-annual conferences

2. LEARN – fortnightly legal & technical webinars

3. INFORMATION – access to Standards + regular newsletters to keep you up to date

4. PUBLICATIONS – member discounts

5. PROMOTION – we write case studies for you + get them published

6. REPRESENT & INFLUENCE – have YOUR say with the national body behind you

7. LEADS – referrals to builders, designers & engineers


… and most importantly…

9. HELP & SUPPORT when YOU need it!

Partnering with National Precast as a member can not only help you grow and develop, but it gives us the numbers we need to achieve real change.

Your level of membership as a precaster is determined by the length of time you’ve been manufacturing precast (and fees are determined by your ex-works turnover range):

Under 2 years – Provisional Precaster
A 2-year maximum membership term applies after which you’ll apply to become a Precaster;

Over 2 years – Precaster
You must have been manufacturing precast for 2+ years; or

Over 5 years – Master Precaster
You must have been manufacturing precast for 5+ years AND pass a Master Precaster Membership Audit (read more about the Audit HERE).
Note – This is the highest and most prestigious membership category for precasters.

Explore the benefits for each of these membership types, and their associated fees, here now.

If you’re not quite ready to become a Precaster member…

You can join as an Affiliate member. This is an entry level membership for precasters that allows you to expand your membership to align with your business needs.

  • Get preferential registration to national member industry conferences.
  • Free use of the internship program, accessing graduates in a variety of qualifications, for a 12-week period.
  • Informative newsletters in your inbox every week packed full of useful data, resources and services.
  • A copy of the Precast Concrete Handbook and subscriptions to national industry magazines.
  • Have a say in the work we do with standards, codes and specifications.
  • Use the National Precast ‘Member’ logo.

As well, your membership allows us to truly represent the industry as we influence standards, codes, and government for better outcomes for precasters.

Plus, you’ll feel good knowing you’re making a contribution to the precast industry and in protecting your own interests.

We suggest you will find this package worth more than the investment, and indeed, we would love to welcome you on board.

Download membership application forms below:

Master Precaster, Precaster and Provisional Precaster

Affiliate Precaster

Want to know what we’ve been doing over the last 12 months and why you should be a National Precast member? Click here.

Think of us as an extension to your business… we are here to help, as much or as little as you need. With a new membership structure, lower fees and new services, the membership value proposition is better than it’s ever been and by joining, our voice becomes stronger and we can achieve more for the precast industry. ”             Sarah Bachmann, CEO

Please note that all membership applicants must comply with National Precast’s codes of conducts and policies, which are available on request and downloadable from the Members’ Portal once applications are approved.

Applicants must also comply with common and statutory rights and obligations, and requirements that are prescribed in relevant legislation, regulations or industrial instruments, or in relevant ethical and professional codes.

Overseas Precaster membership

If you are a manufacturer of factory-made precast concrete products, from any country other than Australia, you can apply for Overseas Precaster membership. Note that if you are supplying, or wish to supply products to the Australian market, you will need to apply for Master Precaster, Precaster, Provisional Precaster, or Affiliate membership. Read more here.