Precast for stunning outdoor spaces

If you thought precast concrete was just about buildings and civil structures, think again. Well designed, long lasting, durable and low maintenance landscaping products play an important role in the aesthetics and amenity of public areas. With an ever increasing trend towards increasing medium and high density living and the greening of our cities, public spaces are becoming ever more critical for today’s society.

National Precast Members are continually making us rethink just what can be done with precast concrete. They have long been involved in the manufacture of various types of landscaping elements that address both form and function requirements. Precast can be used as decorative feature walls to define areas or for functional purposes, for example, preventing vehicular access. Other applications provide seating or tables on which to eat our lunch or read. And precast planter boxes, sculptures and water features can further beautify the public amenity and enhance the greening inside and around buildings, on roofs and in our public spaces, particularly where full-blown gardens may not be feasible.

According to John Curry from National Precast Member Quatro Design, products can be made in all manner of shapes, sizes and colours.

“And they don’t have to be heavy” says John.

“At Quatro, we use glass reinforced precast concrete – GRC – to make a range of strong yet lightweight  landscaping products. GRC is a cement based composite material, reinforced with alkali-resistant fibres. Because the fibres add flexural, tensile and impact strength, the result is a strong yet lightweight architectural material”.

“Our range includes planter boxes, bowl and pot planters, water-features, sculptural panels, architectural elements and street furniture for residential and commercial projects”, says John.

Precast landscaping products are a sustainable solution for public spaces. They are durable, long lasting, require minimal or no maintenance, are factory made (which means minimal waste in the factory and high quality) and won’t be eaten by termites.

To see Quatro’s range visit Or to read more about other Members’ landscaping products click here.