Precast poles can be either prestressed-spun or steel reinforced, and are commonly used for street lighting, and power and communication transmission.


  • Superior structural outcome
  • Quality produced
    • Off-site manufacture means high quality
  • Durable
    • High strength, factory produced, long life prestressed concrete offers the ultimate outcome with minimal maintenance
  • High load capacity
  • Reduction in formwork and propping
  • A sustainable solution
    • Significant sustainability advantages through de-materialisation
  • Resistant to chloride-induced corrosion of the reinforcement
  • Faster construction time
    • Quick installation by highly skilled crews
    • Less weather dependent
  • Simplified and safer construction process
    • Less trades on site
    • Less exposure to OHS and industrial relations risks
    • Less waste
    • Less materials handling
  • High quality surface finishes.