Why Use Precast? – Engineers

As an engineer, precast concrete offers you a strong, safe, low risk and proven solution. Precast is fast becoming the building material of choice. Easy to design and offering amazing efficiencies, precast has a lot to offer engineers.


Long lasting & Proven

Strong and reliable, precast has stood the test of time and commonly specified for monumental buildings & structures. Concrete structures built hundreds of years ago are still in use today. Precast concrete has been around since the time of the Romans and since then has evolved into one of the highest quality construction products on the market. Precast is strong, safe and long lasting making it the building product of choice for many in the construction industry.


Strong & Resilient

Precast’s inherent strength makes it perfect for use where long spans, point loads or high bearing stresses are likely. The durable nature of precast helps to drastically reduced maintenance costs making precast the perfect choice for high use civil and commercial applications. Its resilience in being able to withstand wear and tear is unsurpassed.

Design and performance

Design & Performance

Based on Australian Standards, precast design is easy to understand. Performance is also easily understood and is similar to reinforced concrete principles.



Precast reduces risk and increases site safety through well established codes of practice and sizeable reductions in onsite work, equipment and waste. Precast structures provide easy access during construction, reducing the need for potentially dangerous scaffolding. Compliance with health and safety regulations and the management of a projects risk profile are made simpler by the use precast.



Precast’s inherent strength allows you to create long clear spans without the need for additional structural support, allowing you to create spacious interiors and column free offices and car-parks. When building up precast’s structural efficiency results in a lower storey height (over other materials), so it becomes economically possible to add more floors.



A range of sustainability benefits can be realised through use of precast.

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