New ‘try before you buy’ Precaster Membership now available!

Precaster Members Craig Zinn (Stresscrete), Peter Healy (Hollow Core Concrete) and Richard Lorenzin (Hanson Precast)

Provisional Precaster membership is for Australian manufacturers of factory-made precast concrete products, who either wish to experience membership at a reduced cost before making a full Precaster Membership commitment and/or haven’t yet passed the two year manufacturing mark. It’s a fantastic way to find out how good it really is to be a part of the National Precast Member community.

Provisional Precaster Membership is for a maximum of 2 years… at which time you will need to apply for a Precaster Membership.

Provisional Precaster Membership is available for both:

  • Small precasters (less than 30 employees, operating in one state only) at $2,500pa ex GST,and for
  • Large precasters (more than 30 employees, operating in more than one state) at $6,000pa ex GST.

Here is what you get…

  • Networking opportunitieswhen you come along to quarterly Member-only dinners and meetings.
  • Regular Member-only emails covering WHS, legal and commercial , marketing issues etc to keep you up to date.
  • Discounts to workshops and publications.
  • The ability to promoteyour company as a Provisional Precaster Member of National Precast.
  • A listing on the National Precast website.

Click here to find out more.