National Precast supports safety initiative

With a dedicated approach to workplace safety, National Precast has banded with Australian First Aid Awards (AFA) as an Industry Partner for 2019.

Founder of AFA, John Haines, says this early partnership signals the importance of the Association’s initiative to the industry.

“National Precast Concrete Association is clearly committed to the health and safety of people at work. This will make it easier for their members to nominate for the awards and be recognised for their investment in this area,” Mr Haines details.

“In addition, Association members will be accessing best practice case studies and educational content that will enable continuous improvement.”

National Precast’s Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Bachmann, supports Mr Haines’ sentiment, adding that the partnership is indicative of the Association’s activities to promote improved safety practices—both within precast factories and on construction sites, where precast is used.

“As the third highest industry for workplace fatalities, the construction industry has a long way to go where safety is concerned. The precast concrete sector delivers a number of benefits in this space,” Ms Bachmann says.

“Precast offers a safer method of construction, taking work offsite into a controlled factory environment. Workers are protected and, at the same time, construction sites are less cluttered with less materials’ deliveries, wastage, and site activities.”

There is no shortage of available information that provides guidance on safe practices, making it easy to comply with legal requirements.

“The Association was an active participant in the update of AS 3850 Prefabricated concrete elements, which was published in 2015 and applies to the use of prefabricated concrete elements on sites where buildings are constructed,” Ms Bachmann explains.

National Precast initiated the extension of the application of this Standard beyond the construction of buildings, into the civil sector. As well, the Association was instrumental in the decision by Safe Work Australia to update an out-dated Code of Practice that applies to the sector.

“Becoming a supporter of these awards was a nice fit,” Ms Bachmann says.


The AFA celebrates the outstanding performance of First Aiders as well as the organisations that strive to achieve a safer workplace through first aid facilities and staff training.

Award categories include the Resuscitation Award, First Aid Excellence Award, SMB Employer First Aid Initiative Award, Enterprise Employer First Aid Initiative Award, and Schools First Aid Initiative Award.

Winners will be announced and finalists will be celebrated at a Gala Dinner in August 2019, which will be held at the landmark Melbourne Arts Centre. The event will showcase best-practice in workplace safety and first aid, which will provide guests with an invaluable insight into the strategies behind workplace incident responses.