Don’t risk it: use a Master Precaster

National Precast has today introduced a new category of membership, Master Precaster.


Why it’s been introduced


  1. How often have you had precast supplied by a third party certified company yet the quality is less than favourable?
    While third party certification is generic. While it can validate that an organisation has developed procedures for quality, safety etc, it does not ensure such procedures are implemented on a daily basis. While the process of achieving third party certification is both arduous and expensive, it can be easy to influence audit outcomes, especially when auditors are not always experienced with manufacturing precast concrete.
  2. Have you awarded a precast contract to the lowest tender and had problems which resulted in much higher costs than what you thought you would save?
    Too often, procurement decisions in the construction industry are driven by price. Awarding a precast contract to the lowest tender will more than often have disastrous outcomes. Quality not up to expectations, corners cut, inaccurate dimensions, disputes about finishes, etc.
  3. Do you do your due diligence? Do you visit the precaster you’ve decided to use and know what to look for?
    Very often, time constraints often mean precast manufacturers are either not properly checked, or worse, not checked at all. And even if you DO have time, do you know what you are looking for? Reports from our members suggest the answer is generally a resounding ‘no’!

Master Precasters lower your risk


While Master Precasters may not offer the cheapest option, you can be assured of a quality outcome and that you are dealing with an industry professional. All Master Precasters are audited to ensure that they are actually following procedures and attaining outcomes in 8 areas – their industry contribution and involvement, minimum 5 year track record, financial stability, technical competence, factory capability, quality, safety and environmental performance. They also agree to abide by a code of practice. Our auditors understand the precast manufacturing process well, and not only check that procedures are in place, but they do spot checks to ensure they are followed.


Some of the manufacturing checks include:

  • Whether shop drawings have been correctly approved;
  • Whether hold points address the most important checks;
  • What is checked prior to delivery;
  • Whether employees have the right experience;
  • Whether required certificates and licences are current;
  • Sighting the correct documentation for each project;
  • Whether appropriate insurances are held;
  • Whether specified strengths are achieved.

Master Precasters supply every state and territory of Australia.  They can specialise in a particular type of precast such as flooring or can manufacture a range of precast elements. Master Precasters can supply precast for large or small residential or commercial projects in the building or civil sector.


Don’t make the mistake of NOT using a Master Precaster! Search for one here for your next project!