Announcement of new Board of Directors

Following today’s AGM, I am pleased to announce the new National Precast Board of Directors for 2023-24.

President Jeff Stratford from Euro Precast has been re-appointed to the Board and will continue in his second year of a two-year term as President. Jeff has had a profound impact on the Association in his first year as President, and membership has grown considerably over the last twelve months. He has inspired a new energy into the Board, with active working groups considering a variety of initiatives.

While all of our current activities will continue, several new initiatives are being considered by the working groups; these include the viability of developing precast factory worker training, a review of the audited Master Precaster programme and development of industry reports which will inform members and enhance the Association’s advocacy pursuits.

First cab off the rank will be to conduct market research with our members and beyond, to ensure National Precast remains and becomes more relevant to the precast industry.

Along with Jeff, other reappointed Board members include Brett Foster from Advanced Precast, Joe Healy from Hollow Core Concrete, Michael Hudson from Hudson Civil, Riccardo Musella from Reinforced Earth, Chris Kouris from Reid Construction Systems, and Professional Associate Members Bob Connell and Simon Hughes. The organisation also welcomes a new Board member, David Cullen-Ward, Managing Director of Precast Elements, who brings with him a wealth of experience in the precast industry.

Also important to note is our appreciation to departing Board members, Michael Waeger from Waeger Constructions for his extensive years of service on the Board and for serving as President for three years, and to Alberto Ferraro from PERMAcast, another long serving Board member. Both have made a remarkable contribution during their time the Board, working through the COVID-19 pandemic and while the organisation implemented substantial structural changes such as new services and a reduction in precaster fees.

In my 21st year, I look forward to working with the new Board as we continue to promote precast as superior sustainable construction method, to educate precasters about the benefit of a strong precast association, to grow our membership, and to further strengthen the voice of National Precast.

Sarah Bachmann, Chief Executive Officer