What is Precast?

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Unlike concrete that is poured on site (insitu concrete), high quality precast concrete is produced in a controlled factory environment using advanced manufacturing techniques.

Reinforcement is placed into reuseable and adjustable moulds, and concrete is poured, vibrated and cured. If specified, architectural finishes (such as honing, polishing or staining) may then be applied while still in the factory. The finished precast elements are then transported to site and then craned into position.

Precast concrete is a highly versatile product available in vast range of different sizes, shapes and finishes. Precast products are used in a variety of applications, including buildings, civil construction and landscaping.

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The Process



Precast’s many advantages are best incorporated into a project when an experienced precast designer is used from an early stage in the process.



Precast concrete products are manufactured in specially-equipped factories, which are established in permanent locations.

delivery truck2


Finished products are transported to site, ready for installation.



Products are then craned into place. Final products can range from sophisticated polished reconstructed granite wall facades to functional storm water drainage pits.